Sleep and Activity Tracker

Get your best night’s sleep, every night with Sleepman’s Sleep and Activity Tracker. Sleepman provides information on your sleep patterns, daytime activity and concentration levels. This information is transmitted to your smartphone via Bluetooth and presented in clear and easy- to-understand visual graphs.

You will be able to see how a good night’s sleep and daytime power naps increase your well-being and easily adjust your routines to improve your daily performance and the quality of your sleep.

Sleepman Every Day

Heart Rhythms Monitor

Sleepman’s heart rhythms monitor tracks your heart rate data, can detect variations in your heart-beat rate and warns you if hazardous arrhythmia is detected. Around 80% of sudden cardiac deaths is the result of hazardous ventricular arrhythmias which affect 14 million people in the USA. Arrhythmias can occur at any age but are often more common among older adults.
Sleepman Heart Tracker
Sleepman’s heart rhythms monitor includes external heart rate sensor and an app which allows you to view results on your Sleepman display or your mobile device. Watch your heart rate in real time on-the-go and review your long-term data.