Bio-Smart Alarm – Always wake up on the right side of the bed

Want to know the secret to getting your best night’s sleep and waking up full of energy every day? It’s all in the timing. You need to be woken in the right sleep stage to feel well rested, otherwise you wake up still half asleep. Your sleep stages alternate continually during the night and are constantly monitored by Sleepman. Our technology detects when you’re in your lightest sleep stage and wakes you up then, within a 20 minute window of your alarm.

Sleepman wakes you up at the right stage

Power Nap Alarm – beat jet lag & daytime drowsiness

Sleep experts widely agree on the effectiveness of power napping to recharge, improve alertness, memory and mood throughout the day.

A nap should be less than 20 minutes for maximum effect but waking up at the right time is key. It’s all too easy to allow yourself to fall into a deep sleep which will have the opposite effect – you’ll wake up feeling more tired than before.
Sleepman Perfect Nap

Sleepman: Precise Timing – Maximum Effect!

According to sleep scientist David Dinges at the University of Pennsylvania School Medicine, short periods of sleep have been shown to improve alertness, memory, motor skills, decision- making and overall mood. More studies by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have examined MRIs of nappers to find that brain activity stays high throughout the day with a nap; without one, it declines.

Sleepman Drowsiness
Beat jet lag and daytime drowsiness!
By monitoring your bio signals during your nap, Sleepman will wake you before you enter a deep sleep, so you won’t have to guess for how long you should set your alarm to get the best energy boost. Make the most of a short break and recharge on the go.

Sleep Enhancer

If you have trouble sleeping or wake up during the night, Sleepman’s Sleep Enhancer accessory could help you. The Sleep Enhancer is a small external electrode with a sticky gel pad which plugs into your Sleepman device and attaches to your palm.

Gel pads can be used up to 100 times
While you sleep, the device emits series of micro-current impulses which help to increase deep sleep from around 13 – 20% of overall sleep time to about 35 – 40%.
The Sleep Enhancer is safe to wear regularly throughout the night and the electromagnetic impulses can’t be felt by the user. When paired with Sleepman’s Sleep Tracker, you’re likely to see immediate improvements in the short-term and learn to sleep better in the long-term.

Sleepman Deep Sleep


Do you have difficulty falling asleep or putting your kids to bed? Sleepman’s InsomniZap application is designed to aid in relaxing the mind so you can fall asleep faster.
InsomniZap is an interactive application for smartphones and laptops and works with iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

The application works best for children who have difficulty sleeping but is effective for people of all ages, who have trouble falling asleep or suffer from insomnia.
InsomniZap uses an image-led game which is paired with your Sleepman device to monitor your bio-signals. Users are made aware of their activity levels through the movements of their virtual companion. The application teaches you to relax and ultimately fall asleep naturally. InsomniZap is an effective self-training tool and it’s also fun!